Williams Lake Association SERVICES

Employment Assistance


The WLACL Works Program is designed specifically to help adults with diverse abilities or intellectual disabilities transition to independent work. Having a job not only provides additional income. It also has positive knock-on effects for all of us, regardless of ability, by increasing social networks, reducing loneliness and isolation, improving community awareness and social participation, growing self-esteem, providing financial freedom.

The Right Job for the Right Person

Our program helps individuals find meaningful employment by developing employable skills through our other programs and matching employers with employees. We don’t automatically place participants in jobs. We match them to work as unique as they are, and set our participants up for success by placing them in the hands of an Employment Specialist that will:

  • Do extensive interviews and research to match the individual to the job
  • Assist with on-site training (job shadowing), supervision, and ongoing support
  • Work with the participant to understand and adhere to workplace standards

Williams Lake Business Services

WLACL offers in-house Business Services to members of the community. These services are staffed by program participants and are often a valuable first step towards developing gainful employment and independent work habits. Services include:

  • Document destruction and shredding services
  • Refundables for Amanda’s Bottle Depot
  • Recycle pick-up