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Business Services

Matching Employers with Qualified, Committed Employees

Are you an employer looking for an employee that’s committed to the job at hand?

We can match you with one of our diverse ability members. The return on your business investment by hiring people with diverse abilities means contributing to employee morale, teamwork and safety in the workplace, with a better rate of attendance and punctuality. Reflect the demographics of your community and enhance the visibility & understanding of people with intellectual disabilities, while freeing other staff resources to complete tasks, increasing productivity.

Set Up For Success

When you work with us, a Job Developer works with you to meet the specific and unique needs of your business. They’ll match you with one of our diverse ability applicants that best suits the role in order to ensure success.

WLACL Works provides employers with:

  • Extensive interviews and research to match the right person to the job
  • On-site employee training (job shadowing), supervision, and ongoing support as required (provided by an Employment Specialist), at no cost to the employer
  • Assurance that duties will be done in accordance with worksite standards
  • Potential access to Government funding (for more information inquire with our Job Developer)

Meaningful Work Within Our Community

WLACL Works provides a variety of services within the community to provide adults with diverse abilities meaningful access to the workforce. As a local business and community member, utilizing our business services means you’re helping create and equitable job market with opportunities for all.

Document Destruction

WLACL Works has a commercial shredder on-site that can shred any size order – including large capacity jobs. Our professional staff members are bonded and oversee participants to give them a sense of pride, the opportunity to work hard, and earn fair pay.

Recycle Pick-Up

Our team can pick up recycling and transport it to the local transfer station for you! We collect any item Recycle BC states are acceptable, including flyers, cardboard, and newspaper.


Working with individuals looking to be an active part of the community, WLACL Works assists in the collection and sorting of all refundables at Amanda’s Bottle Depot. The money received from the bottle donations is used to pay individual participants a living wage in exchange for their sorting efforts.

“You have to be the best you can be with what you have.”
Rick Hansen