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Handbook for Home Sharing Providers

The purpose of this handbook is to ensure that home sharing providers clearly understand their roles and responsibilities. The handbook reviews important standards and policies that have been endorsed by CLBC. It also provides an overview of successful practices within the field and shares resources that promote the longevity of home sharing relationships.

Home Share Standards Course

CLBC’s online Standards for Home Sharing course has been developed to provide an overview of the standards, principles, and promising practices associated with this residential option. Learn More

Home Share Providers are highly encouraged to take this Medication Training

Medication Training HS Providers

This is a CLBC training

Critical Incident Reporting & Follow up

As a home sharing provider, you are required to complete certain reports. These are four of the most commonly required forms:


A critical incident is a serious or unusual event that involves an individual accessing services funded by CLBC while service is being delivered.


If you are interested in more information on Home Sharing Providers please visit Community Living British Columbia .

The link below will be of interest to those home sharing providers who want to learn how to prepare for an emergency. The site is sponsored by the Government of Canada and includes valuable information about knowing the risks, making a plan, and developing an emergency kit.


The Disability Alliance of BC has been working collaboratively with a broad network of organizations and people with disabilities to build relationships with the emergency management sector. The link below includes information and resources that will be of interest to home sharing providers.


Other Training

The WLACL offers MANDT Training

MANDT is a holistic evidence based training to reduce workplace violence and is facilitated by a WLACL qualified MANDT trainer. This is done is a group setting and is offered to Home Share Providers via invite.                                                    “we believe there’s a better way to handle challenging behavior”